Why you can trust us

In the digital age, it is hard to know what websites provide genuine news and editorial content and which are peddlers for disinformation. To demonstrate the Anti-Solipsist’s dedication to the importance of fair, accurate and contemporaneous reportage, we want to explain our editorial process and go into detail about how we endeavour to be a source of information deserving of trust.

Accuracy: We gather and fact-check as much relevant information as we can before publication, and where errors in the news-gathering process have taken place we endeavour to correct these errors as expeditiously as possible and highlight prominently where corrections and amendments to stories have taken place.

We do not use deceptive headlines to draw clicks, and do not knowingly misrepresent information that we present in our articles.

We identify our research methodologies where appropriate, and when legally and ethically possible to do so we identify our sources. If for some reason it is not possible for us to identify a source of information a given report, we explain why, and will not anonymise a source unless there is a clear, compelling editorial justification for doing so.

Content: We write in clear, straight-forward, precise language, and endeavour to be as unambiguous in our reportage as we possibly can.

News vs. opinion: Where a story is opinion or editorial in nature, this is clearly indicated. Additionally, where the Anti-Solipsist takes a stance on a particular issue of significant importance, it will be clearly marked that this is a stance rather than a news story so that you are able to form your own judgement.

Editorial control: The Anti-Solipsist is owned by Harrison Gowland, who maintains full editorial control. No other individual, company, organisation or government (or derivative agency thereof) has a stake in the Anti-Solipsist or its operation, meaning that within the laws of the United Kingdom we are free to write whatever we wish. This way you can be sure that our news and editorial content is independent of its subjects and that our reportage genuinely comes from us.

Advertising: Where a consideration is accepted in exchange for placement of advertisements, the fact we have accepted that consideration will be prominently indicated.

Transparency: We are open about our processes and welcome feedback. We diligently investigate where allegations that we have violated our editorial guidelines are made.

The Anti-Solipsist is hosted by IONOS.

In addition to our in-house editorial guidelines, we voluntarily comply with the IPSO Editor’s Code of Practice.

To make a complaint, report an error, or give feedback, please contact us at office@antisolipsist.co.uk.

These guidelines are adapted from NewsGuard’s nine criteria and the Amerston Post’s editorial guidelines, and we thank Anthony Clark for his permission to use the latter.