The animal welfare group PETA was pounced on by angry Twitter users earlier today for posting a Tweet about Animal Crossing.

The video in the Tweet, taken from their official TikTok channel, features a group of Animal Crossing players with PETA shirts protesting the island’s local museum for keeping fish in tanks.

The post was met with an angry response almost immediately. Some pointed out the inherent contradiction behind the protest action, namely that the fish only end up in the museum if the players themselves donate them:

The organisation claimed that it was raiding islands to free the fish. This explanation isn’t borne out by the fact that their protest signs, reading “EMPTY THE TANKS”, could only have been placed by the owner of the island, as it is not possible to decorate while more than one player is active on an island, indicating the island’s owner was involved.

PETA (or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) are an American animal rights group with a controversial reputation online regarding its policy on animal euthanasia. PETA claims it does so out of compassion when it is necessary to ease suffering – however, in 2017, they paid out $49,000 in order to settle out of court allegations they had put down a 9-year-old’s dog, which the organisation maintains was a “terrible mistake“.

In response to one accusation, PETA referred to its task of euthanising homeless and unadoptable animals as “heartbreaking” and called on people to focus their efforts on, among other things, curtailing the activities of animal breeders and pet shops:

By Harrison Gowland

Harrison Gowland is the editor-in-chief of the Anti-Solipsist. One day they will think of something constructive to say, and on that day they will become a journalist.

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